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I had a TV dinner for supper. All 3 of us did. One riblet, one turkey, one salisbury steak (which I had, and which sucked.) While dining, we watched "Love, Actually." I expected my current hormone levels to induce a lot more crying than actually happened. For dessert, a Twix bar. Cooking at our house has come to a complete standstill. We're all sleep-walking, barely making it out the door in the morning, coming home at 5:30 completely exhausted. It's because of the snow. My body thinks it's winter again and is in complete shock. I barely have the energy to type. I feel like I'm made of rubber bands

25 cms of snow on Tuesday. Sleet pellets and wind all night, cloudy. It's stopped snowing but it's still really cloudy and everyone's in slow-motion.

I have yard things to do! Deck furniture to sit on! Flower beds to weed! My tulip shoots are so green...poking up through the snow. They might die.

9:29 a.m. - 2004-05-13


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