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Horton, the speck, and report card

Bea's 1st term report card today, Grade 2. Pretty dismal. She has a tendency, according to her teacher, to zone out. She is not focusing. She is not completing assignments. She is not 'there.'

She is not loving her teacher either. And she asks to be home-schooled.

Everybody's got a story about their favourite teacher. Or their worst.

Last year she had a stellar teacher. One she connected with, and wanted to please. This year? Not so much. She's near retirement. A stickler.

ai yi...

Well, in a moment of pure genius, I got her thinking (Bea, that is) about space. About our galaxy, amongst the countless other galaxies. About us humans living on earth, which is like the speck that Horton carried around on the pink flower. And we thought about that for awhile.

And about the important stuff. Like: our family. Our love for each other. Our health. That her grandparents are all alive. That we are together.

8:34 p.m. - 2012-11-16


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